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Gerardo Piña (PhD) is a professional translator (English or German-Spanish and Spanish-English) with more than 16 years of experience. He specializes in literary translation and in the area of ​​social sciences. He has a degree in Hispanic language and literature from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of East Anglia. Here you can find the most recent titles that he has published as a translator.

Why translate your texts from German or English into Spanish or from Spanish into English?

It is no secret to anyone that the English language is the lingua franca of our time, nor that globalization occurs, mainly, in English.

If the information of your electronic portal, blog, academic article, or any important text to you is in English and Spanish, that content is expressed in the two most predominant languages ​​in the world.

There are approximately 380 million speakers of English as their mother tongue, but if we add to that all the people who use it as a second language or as a means of reading, English is the most widely used language in the world. According to the Cervantes Institute there are more than 500 million speakers of Spanish, the second language in the world by number of speakers and the second language of international communication.

What makes me different from other translators (English-Spanish-English)?

• Deep knowledge of both languages ​​(grammar, phonetics, syntax, etc.).
• I have a PhD in English letters from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom and a degree in Spanish and Hispanic literature from UNAM.
I have translated several fiction books, as well as fragments of books, articles, journalistic texts, etc. for more than ten years.
• I have translated texts for several magazines and cultural supplements. I am currently a translator and reviewer of English texts of the magazine Reality, Data and Space. The International Journal of Statistics and Geography of INEGI.
• I am a professor of literary translation of the National School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation of the UNAM.

Rates for translation services:

Translation: from €/USD 0,09 to €/USD 0,13 per word depending on content and language combination

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